Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Trip#28 Pen Lake August 8th-11th 2016

Trip #28 Pen Lake August 8th-11th 2016

 Traditional stop at West gate if trip route permits

 Picto Bay

 Calm and picturesque 

 Chloe on the Pen Lake Putin Dock

 A view from a short hike up behind our Pen Falls campsite

 I had a shower in the rapids

 Chloe and Aiden enjoying the rapids at the base of Pen Lake

 A view from our site

 Grandpa and the kids on our hike

 Chloe on her 1st Algonquin interior trip fishing with her Dad

 Grandpa and Aiden hiked to top of this cliff face on Gem Lake

 This guy was curious when Aiden tried to go swimming on Gem lake

 My two oldest and me on Pen Falls

 A Warbler

 Sunset on Pen

 Some good fishing on Night Lake

 A surprise visit on our last night, directly across the channel from out Pen Falls site

Chloe's first Moose encounter on trip #1 whoot whoot!

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