Friday, October 26, 2007

Trip #6 October 2007 - Rock Lake

This picture is of Dad and Grant fishing in the small channel between Rose and Jean islands. Dad brought up his small steel boat this trip since we were staying of Rock Lake. Normally it is canoes only but this trip was an exception given the party size and the lake we chose to stay on.

The group took a day trip over the the Booth's Rock Trail. If the sun would have came out from behind the clouds this would have been a great picture. The climb to the lookout was not too bad because the trail has stairs in spots to to make it easier for kids and seniors to enjoy the view. The bay on the left of the picture is the Rock Lake campground area.

This is a closeup of two of our tents on the sand. Jean island is off in the distance and Grant is trying his luck at fishing along the rocky shoreline.

Our first night camping this trip was exciting. We were all gathered around the camp fire when suddenly out of the darkness from behind our camp came this Fox. We all took pictures of this fearless animal but this shot turned out to be the best one. The Fox was a bit jumpy but it appeared more hungry than anything else. The island isn't very big, we thought maybe he came over in the winter when the lake was frozen and just didn't get back t the main land before the ice went out. Who knows maybe Fox just like to swim?

Rose Island site on Rock Lake interior October 2007

This site was nothing special but had a sandy beach that protruded about 100' into the lake. We set up our tents on the sand point. I had never camped on sand like this in Algonquin interior before. We had some rain over the weekend but it quickly drained away beneath the sand.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Trip #5 - May 2007 - Pen Lake

In May of 2007 we gathered a group of 9 and set out to explore more of Pen Lake. Our friend Steve brought up some of his friends and family and we went up with our Dad and his friend Jim.
We stayed on the Western most island, the Southern side of the island. In the future Blake will stay on the Northern site on this island.

This is the group of campers that assembled for this trip. 9 people is the largest party that you may have on one site in Algonquin.

Dad's friend Jim was an expert with a rope and we all got a lesson in scaling a tree using nothing more than a rope and some really cool knots.

We camped on the west island at the North end of the lake. The South site was the most inviting for a large group such as this. Our Dad is pictured here with my brother and I. We spread all the tents out so that each person had some privacy and nobody would have to hear some of the campers snoring.

Blake making his first attempt at scaling the tree. It is amazing how much one small branch will hold if rigged properly.

This is a view from a rock face we climbed up to. Off in the distance you can see the South end of Rock Lake. We estimated that the drop from this point was about 80 m so nobody wanted to get too close to the edge.

Blake and I near the edge. You can see Pen Lake in the distance.

Trip #35 Pen and Rock Lake August 2017

Trip #35 Pen and Rock Lake August 2017